Research Outline

Free Online Yoga Platforms


To obtain a list of the best online platforms/websites/channels where people can learn yoga poses for free. This research would be used to improve yoga poses by practicing at home.

Early Findings

The Cut compiled a list of "The Best Free Yoga Classes Online". Yoga lessons taught on these free sites are suitable for both newbies and experienced yoga practitioners. The online platforms include Do Yoga With Me, Yoga With Adriene, Fightmaster Yoga, Yome, and Be More Yogic.

Do Yoga With Me

  • Do Yoga With Me is a large site that survives on donations. The platform offers everything, including full yoga classes, tutorials, and meditation practices.
  • With a variety of instructors and different yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga, and Kundalini. The website also provides access to prenatal and power classes. It is best suited "for intermediate-level yogis that are interested in broadening their horizons with new breathing techniques, meditations, and yoga styles."

Be More Yogic

  • To use this website, people need to register first. However, the process is quite painless. Once registered, members can browse through a library of videos that have all been filmed outdoors in locations such as Andalusia and Zanzibar.
  • Be More Yogic has a short list of instructors; this makes it easy for members to follow their favorites. While basic membership is free, users can sign up for the premium membership to have access to a larger selection of yoga classes.