Engineering Services Company Structure in India


Identify the best organization structure for a services organization in India (such as L&T, TCS, Tech Mahindra, etc.), specifically for engineering support to global clients. This information will be used to better understand how an office of this type in India compares to others in terms of corporate structure.

Early Findings

General Service Organization Structure

  • Service organizations and companies are those that offer services, rather than products. Examples include but are not limited to cloud computing services, processing, IT services, etc.
  • This source provides a box diagram of how am engineering services company in Vancouver organized the business. It is broken down into six divisions, with different sub-branches in each, and finally a complete diagram of the position held by individuals under each branch.

India Engineering Services Organization Structure

  • The India Department of Defense provided a breakdown of the structure that their engineering department follows here. There are also descriptions of what each job rule specifically entails, as well as general rules that are followed within the hierarchy.
  • At Tech Mahindra in India, the corporate structure can be viewed here.
  • Hexaware Tech, an information technology and business services provider in India has a corporate organizational structure that can be viewed here.

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