Trends- Consumer Goods, Sports & Leisure, Electronics & Computing, Clothing & Apparel


Gain an understanding of best practices for marketing, advertising, messaging and visuals during COVID-19 for the following consumer segments; consumer goods, sports & leisure, electronics & computing, and clothing & apparel, including any examples in each category.

Early Findings

  • Consumers are still open to brand messaging from consumer goods at this time, with 43% of consumers responding saying that they feel reassured to hear from brands they know.
  • However, there has been a large decline in out-of-home buying channels, with consumer goods purchases online increasing as consumers choose to limit public interaction.
  • Companies are shifting most marketing activities to online, and finding ways to replace experiential in person marketing events as online events or experiences.
  • Most consumer product companies have called off or suspended out-of-home and in-store events and activation, instead favoring digital channels.
  • Given an increase in TV and daytime media viewing, consumer brands are beginning to increase marketing on these channels.
  • It is also suggested to increase digital ad placement on news and health-education platforms.
  • It is suggested to tailor messaging to be appropriate within the context of the pandemic. Incorporating health and safety messages "can signal a commitment to consumers".
  • In fact, 40% surveyed noted they want to hear what brands are doing in response to the pandemic.
  • It's also suggested being highly cautious about what campaigns could be considered 'tone-deaf' in the face of the crisis, and harm consumer trust.

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