Research Outline

Case Studies in DeepTech Marketing


To deliver 2-3 case studies of how deeptech companies market their products and services. Studies should, at a minimum, address one of the following:
  • Specific marketing tactics,
  • Leveraging their brand to drive value,
  • Getting value from creative choices, and/or
  • Leveraging growth marketing techniques effectively.

Early Findings

Information Availability

The initial hour of research indicates there is a good amount of information available to address best practices in branding and marketing for "deeptech" startups.
In almost all cases, the available information is not presented as a case study. Creating a case study will require an in depth
analysis and extraction of relevant data from company websites and supporting documents and articles to construct a case study with the best information.

Linkages in Deeptech Marketing

  • Many VCs are looking for impactful investments in companies whose products or services will improve the world. Those "extras" such as quality of life, climate change, or societal equality, need to be identified and explained to investors. That same information needs to be available to the marketing team to ensure consistency.
  • Building networks to create a compilation of prospective customers is crucial to getting the technology known and to understanding the value to prospective customers. The results of this network building and information gathering will provide not only potential customers but a description of the types of problems the startup is hoping to solve. These projected solutions also need to be passed to the marketing team.

The Marketing Team

Marketing teams for deep tech startups will have the following responsibilities:

Summary of Findings

  • Within the one hour allotted for our initial research, we were able to confirm the existence of the information required to create recent case studies for marketing by deeptech companies. We also identified the linkages, or source of information, for marketing companies and the major responsibilities of a marketing team in deeptech startups.
  • To expand the availability of best practices in deeptech marketing, we recommend additional research. Details on our recommended research paths have been provided in our proposals below. Please select one or more proposals from those provided.