Team Health


To understand how to define "team health".

Early Findings

  • One study defines team health as, "employees’ shared perceptions of the extent to which their team is concerned, cares, and communicates about health issues."
  • It generally has five components, "subjective general health, psychosomatic complaints, mental health, work ability, and presenteeism."
  • Another expert has slightly broader elements in mind when defining team health. They give seven components: shared vision, aligned responsibilities, open-mindedness, being relational known, professionally trusted, shared accountability and everyone speaks.
  • One engineering company did an employee survey to discover that people felt that team health generally broken down into six categories: management, software, culture, focus on value, effective delivery and self-determination.
  • Jay Simons, CEO of Atlassian, has developed a method for assessing, monitoring and improving team health, which he has successfully implemented at 400 organizations like Nike. His core tenants are eight traits of successful teams and six steps to understand where team health needs improvement.
  • Spotify conducts health checks using simple traffic light surveys on support, teamwork, pawns v players, mission, health of codebase, suitable process, delivering value, learning, speed, easy to release and fun. Their teams will do the health check 2-4x a year.
  • One consultant took Spotify's health check and reformatted it to 11 topics more generally applicable to all types of companies. These topics are trust & safety, dependability, purpose, delivering value, team autonomy, teamwork, continuously improve, decisions, sustainable pace, feedback and integrity.

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