Research Outline

Best Practices - Digital Marketing for Startups


  • Identify best practices for setting up digital marketing with a budget of $10,000/month for a startup that sells physical goods to consumers in the U.S. that cost between $200-$500 per product.
  • Best practices should be focused on the best channels to focus on for digital marketing, ways to test the best channels, ways to set up digital marketing channels, and how to differentiate between good/bad results, as well as methods for growing marketing spend.
  • This information will be used in order to design marketing efforts and drive the acquisition of new customers.

Early Findings

  • According to the Digital Agency Network (DAN), user experience is the most important thing to consider when building digital marketing strategies for startup companies. This means creating effective, clean-cut channels for consumers - page load times, navigation, contact options, and simplicity are key factors to consider here.
  • The use of video is becoming more and more popular among consumers for digital marketing. Video can be used for tutorials, product launches, and more to promote products of any price, and can also be used across any social media channel.
  • Matrix Marketing Group indicates that more than 70% of clicks on a search engine go towards results on the very first page, indicating the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) to increase brand awareness and views.