Loyalty Program Marketing


To understand how brand loyalty programs work, and best practices for, in terms of push notifications and subject lines for email marketing.

Early Findings

Push Notifications

  • According to one source, five best practices for loyalty program push notifications is don't spam, flash specials/offers, maintain brand consistency, promote rewards cards and control the timing.
  • Another strategy is to time the push notifications on a certain schedule related to the customer lifecycle. For example, after signing up and thanking the customer, one brand sends a message on day 2 highlighting the value proposition of opting-in. Then, on day 5, users get a notification about the refer-a-friend promotion, and the same notification is sent again on day 20. If a customer fails to redeem their sign-up bonus, the app sends a notification 3 days before its expiry to give the customer adequate time to make their order.
  • Generally, sending notifications 3 days before the expiry of any offer or promotion is useful, giving them enough time.
  • Notifications must be personalized, such as only if a user has not used an offer/coupon. Or if they do interact, the notification should be custom in thanking them or offering a follow-up reward.
  • Geo-tagging can also be an innovative solution to any brand with a physical presence. Notifications can be triggered when a user's phone is near a store.

E-Mail Subject Lines

  • Similar to push notifications, customers expect their e-mail subject lines to be personalized. 26% more consumers are likely to open a personalized subject line e-mail than not.
  • However, do not be vague or generic. Subject lines should be sharp and refer directly to the e-mail's content.
  • Also, do not be afraid to be unique or quirky in accordance with the brand's personality.
  • Sometimes referencing something contextual, like the weather or a popular news story/event can also be catchy to consumers.
  • Salesforce recommends sending e-mail at 5 points of the customer lifecycle: lapsed customer offer, monthly reward statement, notification that new rewards are close, reward expiration reminder and tier status/milestone reached. All subject lines should have a call-to-action other than just opening the e-mail.

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