Research Outline

Reddit: Guerilla Marketing Best Practices


To determine the best practices for guerilla marketing on Reddit by providing a bulleted list identifying the same.

Early Findings

Best Practices

  • The following are best practices for guerrilla marketing on Reddit:

Find a Product Recommendation Thread

  • While trying to promote a product or brand on Reddit, a useful strategy would be to find a product recommendation thread that would enable the company to do the same. There are several "product-focused communities on Reddit with weekly recommendations and/or questions threads."
  • The individual/brand trying to promote a product or service should develop two accounts. The first would inquire whether it is advisable to buy from two or more stores (one of which would belong to the individual/brand).
  • Next, the second account would reply to this question with a show of support from the individual/brand's store without sounding too eager. Lastly, adding some upvotes to the parent comment would set things in motion.
  • Mentioning other companies in the same comment helps to remove suspicion and allow for plausible deniability.
  • One example of this strategy is r/MaleFashionAdvice, which has "a should/shouldn't buy thread two times every week."


  • Storytelling is one of the most successful strategies employed by entrepreneurs looking to attract support or interest on Reddit. The idea is to engage a Reddit community through telling a story progressively, thus turning the brand into a subreddit case study.
  • By providing the community with the story behind the business, business idea, and concept, the individual/brand would obtain free marketing and feedback from the Reddit community.
  • followed a similar strategy by "continuously engaging the /r/beards and /r/entrepreneur community about their business idea and concept."

Insert Mentions of the Product

  • This strategy is among the most common methods of content marketing used by Reddit users. It involves inserting links into one's post or comments.
  • While this strategy has an 85% chance of being successful, it can be rewarding if approached correctly.
  • The best two ways to insert mentions on Reddit are to ensure that the product being marketed directly attends to the question asked and, when subsequently linking product competitors, "choose competitors that are more expensive or have a worse website."

Ask Me Anything (AMA)

  • Starting your own Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit is one way to get engagements from a community. This strategy allows the individual/brand to reach a large audience by "answering questions about topic expertise or services in real-time."
  • Being among the most influential Reddit aspects, the "/r/IAmA subreddit" has hosted celebrities and top individuals, including former US president Barack Obama and Bill Gates. As such, it provides a great marketing opportunity to entrepreneurs. However, it requires creativity to prevent it from backfiring significantly.
  • Reddit recommends that users take an interesting approach in two ways, including posting about "something uncommon that played a central role in the individual's life or a unique and interesting event."