Research Outline

Best Practices: Hiring Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Early Findings


Determine the best practices for hiring commercial real estate brokers to a brokerage firm in order to hire experienced brokers that are paid exclusively by commission.

Early Findings:

  • The recruitment and hiring process for new real-estate agents to a brokerage firm tends to follow this process: write a job description, identify the type of agent you want to hire through a behavior profile, advertise the job posting online, review resumes and application materials, offer a behavior assessment, like a DISC assessment, to get a behavior profile of applicants, host phone/online interviews, host in-person interviews, check references and make an offer.
  • Best practices for recruitment include crafting a value proposition for your brokerage, using non-traditional job posting channels or events, and having a strong, positive company culture.
  • Best practices for hiring include using data to make hiring decisions, building rapport with the candidate during interviews, and focusing on candidates personalities/willingness to succeed at your company.
  • Best practices for successfully hiring the agents you want are offering non-monetary perks like great office space or flexible schedules, making sure agents are aware of advancement opportunities within your brokerage, and having a structured and supportive training program once someone has been hired.
  • We were unable to find any best practices specific to commercial real estate, however, we assumed that the recruitment and hiring process for all types of real estate would be similar.