Research Proposal

Best Practices - Obtaining Quality Customer Testimonials


To provide 3 additional “best practices” or “guidelines” around obtaining quality customer testimonials (feedback). Specifically to understand what the best practice or guideline is, why it is considered a best practice/guideline, and why it matters. Ideally, include any quantifiable statistics like X% of customers are more likely to give a testimonial if asked within X days of purchase/usage. The research will help a brand get positive testimonials that they can later use to acquire new customers.

Early Findings

Ask the Right Questions

Provide outline/directions

  • Guiding customers by providing an outline or examples of testimonials the product/service provider is looking for is another way of obtaining quality testimonials. This way, a customer's feedback can be tailored to exactly what a provider is looking for in a testimonial.

Provide an alternate path for constructive feedback

Conduct a survey and ask for testimonials

Ask for contact information at the end of the testimonial survey to follow up. It is recommended to inform customers "why they need to provide their email and assure them that they won’t be sent spam emails."
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