Academic Papers and Research Related to Optimizing Workflows


To provide a list of, and access to, academic papers, research and other materials related to optimizing workflows for deep work and mental resiliency.

Early Findings

An Empirical Study Analyzing Job Productivity in Toxic Workplace Environments

  • According to this academic journal that was published on May 21, 2018, organizations that only focus on increasing profits through stock prices, tend to ignore the outliers or employees.
  • The article argues that employees are valuable and should be treated as assets of an organization.
  • This academic paper further provides an extensive literature review to prove that organizations that prioritize their employees can increase impressive output and mental resilience in an organization.

Emotional Labor and Burnout: A Review of the Literature

  • Through a literature review, this academic paper that was published on March 1, 2018, provides that there is an undeniable connection between emotional labor and burnout.
  • The paper further argues that personality traits such as self-efficacy can affect behavioral patterns.
  • Further, this academic paper proposes the importance of self-management programs to enhance employee capacity and competence for deep work and mental resilience.

Dive into Deep Work to Boost Productivity, Efficiency and Creativity

  • This blog was published on April 18, 2019 and focuses on discussing how technology has undermined the ability to work resiliently and put more effort into challenging work.
  • The blog opines that websites and apps condition an employee’s mind for distraction, hence undermining attention spans.
  • For best practices, the blog suggests the importance of cutting all distractions by working in quiet environments, or investing in noise-canceling headphones, and minimizing shallow work by investing more time in deep works.

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