Identity Protection: Best Practices & Services


To identify the best practices and services for identity protection (phone number, home address, credit score, social security).

Early Findings

Best Practices for Identity Protection (Used by Most Celebrities)

  • Getting Unlisted: One of the first things celebrities do is remove their information from local and public databases. There are a lot of steps that this involves.
  • Getting off Google Maps: Another thing that many public figures do is ask Google to erase your home's 'Street View' on Google Maps.
  • Paying in Cash: Celebrities also pay for most of their services in cash. This helps because identity thieves have a lot of incentive to defraud a celebrity, and card skimming schemes are perpetrated mostly by cashiers at department stores.
  • Identity Theft Protection Services: Public figures can also choose to pay identity theft protection companies that put in all the legwork to ensure their identities are secure.
  • Apart from the aforementioned, a lot of small steps can be taken to safeguard one's identity.

Identity Theft Protection Services


  • IdentityForce offers protection against IRS Tax Fraud & Identity Theft as well as Medical & Child Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud.
  • They currently have 2 plans on sale, the Ultra Secure ($14.99 per month) and the Ultra Secure + Credit ($19.99 per month).
  • All plans offer identity recovery and identity theft insurance cover to the tune of $1 million.

Identity Guard

  • Identity Guard provides email and text alerts with ID verification and monitoring as well as $1 million identity theft insurance.
  • They have 3 individual and 3 family plans, all billed annually
  • Their individual identity theft protection plans cost between $7.50 and $20.83 per month, while their family plans cost between $12.50 and $29.17 a month.


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