Rebrand Reveals on Instagram


The goal of this research is to identify best practices for successfully revealing a rebrand on Instagram. This information will be used for a rebrand reveal of a subscription box brand in the jewelry/accessory/styling space.

Early Findings

Best Practices From Flourish Collaborative (Creative Agency)

  • Rebrand reveals can be done quickly, slowly, or collaboratively. A factor to consider as to how quickly to reveal the rebrand is how significant the rebrand is. Significant rebrands might be better suited for a slower rebrand reveal on social media.
  • For a rebrand revealed quickly all at once, it has been advised to use Instagram stories to share a post with a message such as "We Have a Fresh Look!" Additionally, it has been recommended to "[p]ost a photo of the new branding on Instagram with a longer explanation in the caption."
  • For a rebrand revealed slowly over a period of time, changing the brand's Instagram handle can be effective.
  • For a collaborative rebrand (in which the brand engages with its audience for "developing the rebrand and sharing the news"), two recommended steps are to (1) "share aesthetic inspiration on Instagram stories and ask your audience’s opinion" and (2) "[u]se the Instagram Stories Poll / Question / Gauge tools to ask for your audience’s opinion whenever possible."

Posting Frequency For a Rebrand

  • According to Khoros (which provides software for social marketing), "posting three to five times a day to build awareness during the rebranding process" is recommended. That recommendation was based on results from a study conducted by Dash Hudson, which involved 1,400 businesses, and "found that posting more than once per day decreases the individual reach of each post, but increases your overall reach."

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