Personal Branding


To provide case studies that show how (which strategies used) high-tech entrepreneurs have created a strong personal brand and a step-by-step plan to do so.

Early Findings

Step-By-Step Plan for Personal Branding

Elon Musk

  • Elon Musk is an entrepreneur with a strong personal brand that he uses to his advantage to increase exposure and attract more customers for his companies.
  • Musk's branding centers around his personal mission and vision, his dedication to this mission and his willingness to spread his philosophy.
  • Elon Musk shows his target audience "his personal story through his company brand." The vision he has for his company Tesla (to move away from fossil-fuel vehicles to electric vehicles) comes from his personal goal (to move humanity in new directions) and his company is used to achieve this personal goal. This strategy creates a connection between the business brand and the personal brand.
  • This article provides 3 steps for crafting a personal story.
  • Musk's personal story inspires others and invites them to participate in his vision by buying a Tesla car.
  • He shows that he is accountable for what his companies do and takes the time to respond to issues that arise and concern his company personally. For example, when a Tesla car caught fire in 2013 he personally responded to it. Showing accountability builds trust with audiences and creates a strong connection.
  • He sticks to his mission and makes business decisions based on this personal mission. By doing this he garnered a loyal following whom appreciate his dedication.
  • Musk is active on social media, creates "amazing" content, attends events and consequently shows people what he is doing. He leverages "any and all platforms to spread his philosophy." By personally engaging with audiences it makes him relatable to his audiences.
  • He is unconcerned with the popular vote and his messages have little regard for the "political, legal or financial consequences to his companies." However, it is unclear from the article how this strategy benefits his brand.
  • This article further highlights how Musk uses social media.

Summary of Findings

  • During the initial hour of research, we focused on finding case studies of entrepreneurs who have created a strong personal brand.
  • Information was found on steps to take to create a personal brand. However, no readily available step-by-step guide for how a high-tech entrepreneur created their personal brand was found. Therefore, an entrepreneur with a strong personal brand was identified and strategies that the entrepreneur applied were collected and presented above.
  • The strategies identified seemed to focus on the entrepreneur's personal mission and how his companies were born from this personal mission. They showed the entrepreneurs values (sticking to his mission and is willing to be accountable for this mission) which inspires audiences and makes them trust and want to participate in the mission. Last, they showed the entrepreneur engages his audience, makes use of different platforms to spread his personal mission and makes the audience a part of this mission.

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