Research Outline

Canadian Protective Face Shield Market


To determine the best strategy for marketing high-quality protective mask shields with an average price point of $12.50 to the Canadian market. This will be used to inform a strategy for the marketing of Personal Protective Equipment. The ideal outcome would be a list of prospective markets and customer opportunities.

Early Findings

The Canadian PPE Market — Expectations Going Forward

  • With the Canadian government easing the restrictions and reopening the economy, the front-line workers in businesses must have access to high-quality face shields. This includes both medical and non-medical grade that meet Canadian standards and are readily available and accessible.
  • The Canadian healthcare budget is likely to increase along with the demand for PPE, including face shields. This is likely to create increased opportunities for face shield manufacturers.
  • The PPE industry can expect a period of increased growth and expenditure, with steady growth in PPE technology investment. A report by Allam Advisory Group suggests that "the increased focus on full turnkey solutions is likely to continue and be required." Investment is expected to come primarily from governments and venture capital.
  • There is expected to be an influx of new entrants into the market, accompanied by a period of industry consolidation. It will be a risky time for the new entrants, who may struggle to meet the program management and investment requirements. They may also struggle to gain access or establish resilient and diversified supply chains.
  • The Canadian market will require nearly 3.3 billion face shields in the next 12 months. 330 million surgical masks have been ordered. Only 79.5 million have been delivered to date; the rest are on back order.
  • Seasonal fluctuations look likely to impact on this market, with increased demand over the summer months. The face shields are now regular attire for the medical profession and other industries and organizations are following suit.
  • The shields offer more protection than masks, are cooñer to wear, and allow for easier breathing than cloth masks. JAMA has recently published an article advocating their use, which will likely contribute to the increased market demand.
  • To be successful, players in the market will need to build resilient supply chains and distribution networks. The recommendation for players is to focus on their long-term strategies.

Predicted Market Demand


  • The first step in determining appropriate marketing strategies requires a comprehensive understanding of the Canadian Face Shield Market. In our first hour of research, we have identified the current market value, the likely increased demand, the provinces that will experience the most significant demand, and some positive medically backed research around face shields. These factors can be used as the foundation to inform a marketing strategy and potential customer base.
  • Going forward, we suggest research continue to evaluate the market and the opportunities it presents- To complement this, we recommend research to identify potential customer bases.