Autonomous Vehicles - Key Stakeholders


Identify effective ways to reach key stakeholders in the transportation industry and the government who are interested in or involved in the development of Level 4 and 5 Autonomous vehicles. Part of this search should include identifying relevant conferences, events, tradeshows, magazines, publications, government departments, industry groups or consortiums, SAE or other committees. This information will be used to inform a pitch for a marketing project for SAE International to promote the AVSC.

Early Findings

Existing Regulation

  • In the US, 33 states accommodate self-driving vehicles on public roads.
  • In California and Arizona, level 5 cars are allowed to operate on public roads.
  • The UK, Sweden, China, South Korea, the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, and New Zealand have all created policy that allows autonomous vehicles or takes steps towards allowing them.

Stakeholders in Government

  • US Senator John Thune has expressed interest in making steps forward in terms of nationwide regulation on autonomous vehicles.
  • Leah Treat, the director of the transportation bureau in Portland, Oregon, has advocated for appropriate safety standards in the US, and is working on creating state-level regulation in Oregon.

Stakeholders in Associations

  • Chan Lieu, an adviser to the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets, said that auto manufacturers will likely oppose broad data disclosure requirements if implemented by regulation.
  • The Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets was established Ford, Lyft, Uber, Volvo Cars, and Waymo in 2016 with the objective of working with lawmakers, regulators, and the public to promote the self-driving vehicles.
  • Waymo, the self-driving car company, has partnered with AAA, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the National Safety Council, and The Foundation for Blind Children to promote self-driving cars.
  • Ron Thaniel is the vice president of legislative affairs at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA). The ITSA dedicates itself to researching and promoting intelligent transportation technologies like level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles.
  • The Coalition for Future Mobility is a trade group representing several major auto-manufacturers and advocate self-driving cars.

Conferences and Events

Other Relevant Information

  • There are 50 companies already testing autonomous cars in California.

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