Better For You Snacking


To understand how Better For You (BFY) snacking is evolving, (specifically confectionery) including the trends, products, and attitudes that are evolving, in order to prepare a proposal for a shopper segmentation on BFY (better for you) snackers.

Early Findings


We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:

Better For You Packaged Food in the US (Euromonitor International, $990.00)

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Other Findings

  • According to officials, the number of companies producing better-for-you snacks is on the rise.
  • A spokesperson for New Hope Network stated that the snacking market is benefitting from the larger overall trend taking place related to healthier eating and nutrition for wellness. Better-for-you snacks offer these consumers a convenient portable means to eat healthy.
  • Market researchers found that growing interest in diets such as grain-free and paleo are two contributors that are key in the rise of healthy eating. A “State of the Natural Industry” report looking at data collected from May 2017 to May 2019 found that grain-free products grew by 76% up to $272 million, while paleo products grew by 45.3% up to $537 million.
  • The snacking industry in general will continue to evolve going forward, with one of the greater overall shifts being a focus on nutrition when snacking. When consumers in this survey were asked how their snacking has changed in the last two years, the top response (40%) was snacking more on healthier foods.
  • Seven out of 10, or 69% of consumers surveyed say better-for-you snacks are appealing. Millenials were the highest among all generations when it came to choosing healthier snacks at 79%, with 25–34 year olds at 81%. According to the survey, 74% or women and 64% of men find better-for-you snacks appealing, and compared to other ethnicities and regions, Hispanics (75%) and Southerners (73%) find healthful snacks appealing.

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