Research Outline

CSR Software Market


To gain an understanding of the CSR SaaS industry including a competitive analysis of top companies and companies that cater to small to medium size startups, an in depth analysis of Benevity (including details on their screening process and what the cost would be for a company to move services away), and details on what services/features companies are looking for in CSR software.

Early Findings

  • Adroit Market Research projects that the CSR Software market will reach $1.4 billion by 2028.
  • Adroit also covers, in detail, 10 of the main competitors in the industry, which they list as Alaya, Benevity, CyberSWIFT, Infotech, Enablon, FrontStream Holdings, GivePulse, Goodera, iPoint-systems, Tennaxia, and YOURCAUSE. Five additional companies are covered in less detail. Unfortunately, the majority of the report is paywalled.
  • Of note, Adroit segments the market into large enterprises and SMEs, but didn't specify which companies operate in which segment.
  • Another market report lists the key players as OpenText, SAP, CRedit360, Tennaxia, IPoint-systems, PE International, Ecometrica, Enablon, Greenstone, and CloudApps.
  • A third market reports lists the key players as Enablon, Benevity, YourCause, Ipoint-systems, CloudApps, CSRware, Tennaxia, and CyberSWIFT.
  • CSR Matters reports that although the top of the market will be controlled by a few players, there is room for new entrants in the SME market.
  • According to the software review site G2, the top two CSR software products based on popularity are Alaya and Benefity Goodness Platform.
  • By looking for commonalities among the three market reports and the G2 data, it appears there is some consensus that Enablon, iPoint-systems, and Tennaxia are key players as they appear in all three market reports. To settle on additional competitors, we include any that appear on at least two lists and these are Alaya, Benevity, CyberSWIFT, YourCause, and CloudApps. This is a total of eight key players.

Summary of Findings

  • In the initial research we were able to identify eight key players in the CSR SaaS industry. Our focus was global with no consideration of where the companies are headquartered or which geographies they serve.
  • We also were able to identify the website for each key player.
  • We were unable to find any details on how Benevity screens potential customers in our initial search.