Biggest Branded Podcasts


To obtain a list of the 20 biggest branded podcasts in 2019. This research would be used to determine the size of the market and best practices.

Early Findings

  • According to Backtracks, a podcast analytics and measurement platform, the following branded podcasts have been remarkably successful: “The Message” by GE, “The Sauce” by McDonald’s, #LIPSTORIES by Sephora Collection, “Why We Eat What We Eat” by Blue Apron, “Rise and Grind” by ZipRecruiter, “Open for Business” by eBay, “The Distance” by Basecamp, “Innovation” by Johnson & Johnson, “.future” by Microsoft, and “Slack Variety Pack” by Slack.
  • Backtracks mentioned that each of these ten companies "successfully integrated podcasting into their brand messaging".
  • BlueWing published a list of 7 companies that have outstanding podcasts. These branded podcasts include Slack Variety Pack by Slack, The Message by GE, TGIM by Shopify, Open Account by Umpqua Bank, The Distance Basecamp, #LIPSTORIES by Sephora, RISE AND GRIND with Daymond John by ZipRecruiter,
  • According to an Edison Research study, brands have started producing their own podcasts. An estimated 98 million Americans listen to podcasts yearly. Also, "56 million Americans listen to podcasts every month".
  • Nicole D'Angelo states that successful non-branded podcasts usually have the following qualities: likable hosts, authentic stories, and fresh insights. These factors help in building a dedicated audience that "eventually becomes genuinely interested in what [a] company has to offer".
  • D'Angelo recommends that companies should incorporate these qualities into their branded podcasts as well.

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