Research Outline

Billionaire Traits


To describe common traits, attributes and advice on how one can become a billionaire. To compose a list of 10 billionaires who may be interested in mentoring. These billionaires should be someone who lives life from a place of compassion/care/kindness, built their wealth through entrepreneurship/business (not inherited, oil/gas or real estate), in their 40s and male.

Early Findings

To determine the billionaires that would be interested in mentoring, we took into account whether they have an interest in philanthropic activities and education/sharing their story to show how they succeeded. As there were not a lot of examples of billionaires in their 40s, we expanded our scope to include billionaires in their mid-to-late 30s.

Top Billionaires interested in Mentoring

Billionnaire Common Traits

  • Most billionaires either went to prestigious colleges from the Ivy League or do not have a college degree altogether. However, regardless of their education, most of them started their entrepreneurial path when they were young.
  • Moreover, most of them are headstrong and never give up before achieving their goals, no matter how strong the opposition is, which makes them more prone to taking risks.
  • They are also extroverts, more open-minded but detail-oriented, and like to think outside of the box.
  • They like to think long-term. As John Matthews, UBS' head of ultra-high net worth Americas, said, "they plan in decades instead of quarters".
  • Billionaires also tend to be frugal and eccentric.