Research Outline

Biodegradable Menstrual Cups


To find if there are any biodegradable menstrual cups currently on the market.

Early Findings

  • The Keeper is made from natural latex (gum rubber) and therefore biodegradable. It was difficult to find any other brands using natural gum rubber in their cups, but we were able to find one other very small brand, Fair Squared.
  • One maker of cups writes that natural rubber cups are generally not very popular as they can increase the risk of a latex allergy.
  • There are makers of other types of menstrual prodcts that are making biodegradable goods. Organ(y)c makes cotton, biodegradable menstrual items. Natracare is another brand with plastic-free, fully compostable products like pads, tampons, liners and wipes.
  • Sea sponge tampons are sustainable and, as natural plant matter, of course biodegradable.
  • A few brands of menstrual cup instead use TPE plastic instead of silicone. This material recycling in a limited number of places. As natural rubber is only really use by one major brand, The Keeper, this could be considered the second-most popular material for menstrual cups, and the only material for someone who wants a recyclable option.