Biotechnology in Manufacturing


To understand if the use of biology and/or microorganisms in food or industrial product manufacturing is a growing trend. Provide the number of companies or funded companies that are using this potential trend. If this information is not available, research whether there has been an increase in companies using organisms to develop products (e.g. food, packaged goods, etc.).

Early Findings

Initial research found that using biotechnology in food and industrial product manufacturing is indeed a growing trend. While were unable to find the exact number of companies using biology and/or microorganisms in their manufacturing processes or product development, we were able to explore how manufacturing companies are using biotechnology.

Biotechnology in Food and Industrial Product Manufacturing

  • Food manufacturers can use biology to combine "natural antibiotic substances" with smart polymers to make plastic packaging that is more resistant to spoilage.
  • Biotechnology can allow food manufacturers to "isolate and characterize... specific enzymes" in order to enhance the quality and flavor of foods.
  • Food manufacturers can also use biotechnology to detect harmful pathogens during production and prevent foodborne illnesses.
  • More than 600 companies are working towards using synthetic biology in their industrial manufacturing practices to reduce the "heavy reliance on petrochemicals." This number has been "growing at a rate of 5%-10% each year."
  • One goal of incorporating biotechnology into industrial manufacturing is to increase sustainability and make products that are less harmful for the environment.

Manufacturing Companies Using Biotechnology

  • PepsiCo is one example of a food manufacturing company collaborating with a biotechnology company, Danimer Scientific, to develop "bio-based compostable packaging for... [its] snack brands."

Proprietary Research

We found some proprietary research from one of our data partners which may be helpful:

Synthetic Biology Market by Tool, Technology, and Application — Global Forecast to 2022 (MarketsandMarkets, $4,950.00)
Section 7.3 — Industrial Applications ($362.40)
Section 7.4 — Food and Agriculture ($345.00)

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