Research Outline

Blenders or Soup Makers in Switzerland


To identify a blender or soup maker that has no plastic that comes in contact with hot food in Switzerland.

Early Findings

Bamix G200 Gastro Pro-2 Professional Immersion Hand Blender


  • For the initial hour, we tried identifying as many blenders or soup makers that we could that have no plastic that comes in contact with food in Switzerland. We mainly found blenders and soup makers that had a glass body, however, we were unable to immediately determine if the lids of the identified soup makers and blenders were plastic-free. As the lids may potentially come in contact with the food/hot food, we chose not to include the ones we found above.
  • We came across the Bamix G200 Gastro-Pro, which appeared to be the best option that met all the requested criteria and listed its specifications above. The wand is made of brass and it has no lid, so no plastic appears to touch the food.
  • Based on the available information, immersion blenders also appear to be a good option for blending or soup making or blending as the wand (or body) is what typically comes in contact with the food, we can continue the research to identify more immersion blender options if this is of interest.
  • We can also continue the research to identify more options for regular blenders and soup makers.
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