Blockchain in Travel


To get in information on travel companies, especially cruise companies that are using blockchain in travel as well as an overview of blockchain use in the industry, and case studies on specific companies.

Early Findings

  • According to industry sources, some of the uses or potential uses of blockchain technology in the travel industry include, tracking luggage, identification services, secure and traceable payments as well as customer loyalty schemes. ‘
  • Some specific examples of start-up technologies that are already being used in the travel industry include Lockchain, BeeToken/Beenest, Winding Tree, and ShoCard & SITA.
  • According to Forbes, TUI is one of the pioneers of to integrate Blockchain into the travel industry.
  • The company, which has about 1,600 travel agencies, six airlines, more than 380 hotels, 16 cruise liners, and other tourism-related ventures, currently houses all of its contracts on a private blockchain.
  • Another industry source outlines Blockchain use cases in the travel industry as follows; decentralized booking marketplaces, loyalty schemes, identity services, baggage tracking, and travel insurance.
  • Examples of travel companies using blockchain technology include Singapore Airlines, Marriott, Travel Port, TUI, Webjet, and AXA.
  • Start-ups using Blockchain in travel include Winding Tree, Loyyal, Atlas, Beenest, and Trippki.

Summary of Findings

  • The initial hour of research revealed some insights into the use case of blockchain technologies in travel as well as some examples of travel companies and start-ups using blockchain technologies in the travel industry.
  • Due to time restrictions and possible limited availability of information on cruise lines companies using blockchain technologies, we could not immediately identify the same.
  • However, with more hours of research, we believe that the research team will have ample time to dig deeper and find the needed information.
  • Please proceed to choose one or more of the proposed next steps in the scoping section below.

Research proposal:

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