Blood Glucometer Market


To better understand the Blood Glucometer market in North America and Canada, including changes in patients behaviors, choices toward blood glucose monitors, and other market trends

Early Findings

The US held the largest share of the blood glucase monitoring market in 2018, which is related to the size of the patient pool as well as acceptance of technology in the diabetes monitoring space and increase in diabetic population.
The current global market size for all blood glucose monitoring is $12.8 billion.

The global market is highly concentrated, with only a few players dominating. These include Dexcom, Abbott, and Medtronic, with Dexcom holding over 65% of the US market.
The total North American market value is anticipated to reach 11 billion by 2024, with the rising diabetic population and Type 2 diabetes related to obesity driving the growth.
The typical segmentation of the North American blood glucose monitoring market is split into glucometer devices, test strips, and lancets.
Blood glucometer devices allow for early detection of hypo and hyperglycemic conditions, which are drivers in the market as well.
The North American market is anticipated to have a CAGR of 13% through 2024 as glucometers become more portable and accurate.
There have been quite a few mergers and acquisitions in the space, which have strengthened existing companies’ presence, including Dexcom partnering with Julphar.
The Canadian diabetes care devices market is also growing rapidly, with a projected 10% CAGR between 2019-2024.
One challenge in the Canadian market is that insurance doesn't always cover blood glucometers, leading to a decreased economic accessibility for some patients.

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