Research Proposal

Innovation Consultancies Competitive Landscape: Singapore


Determine unmet needs in the Singaporean innovation consultancies and design agencies market, create an overview of the competitive landscape (including competitors like Innosight, Why Innovation!, Fjord, and Accenture), and identify other competitors in the market. This information will be used to determine how Board of Innovation should enter the market, who they should target, and what they should communicate about themselves.

Early Findings

Recent Initiatives by Competitors

  • As part of the Singapore Fintech Festival in November 2019, consultancies including Accenture, Deloitte, Capgemini, EY, KPMG, Synechron, and PwC showcased their innovation labs.
  • McKinsey and PwC have supported a business accelerator called the SG Initiative which aims at scaling up 25 mid-sized companies that demonstrate high-growth potential.
  • Deloitte has partnered with Singapore's Info-communications Media Development Authority to incorporate emerging technologies into the nation's services sector.
  • BCG Digital Ventures plans to open a Singapore Innovation Center in the spring of 2020. The plan is supported by Singapore's Economic Development Board.

Other Competitors

  • Cordence Worldwide is a management consulting partnership made up of many member firms located in Singapore.
  • Avalon Consulting is one of India's top strategic and management consulting firms and it has offices in Singapore.
  • Propellerfish is a leading innovation consultancy in Singapore that helps clients develop products and services using consumer insights of the region. Propellerfish also works in 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region including China, the Philippines, and Indonesia.
  • Heist is a design and innovation consultancy based in Singapore. It has had clients like Sun Life Financial, Visa, Solvay, and Hyper Island, and operates in other countries in the Asia-Pacific region including Vietnam.
  • Prophet is an innovation consultancy with locations in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and more. It centers on helping clients in the following domains: brand and activation; marketing and sales; organization and culture; and experience and innovation.
  • Some design agencies in Singapore include Priority Consultants, Gwacamol, the INKA Agency, Yellow Fishes, Jones Knowles Ritchie, Concept Lab Communications, and Creativeans Pte Ltd..
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