Research Outline

Boingo Market Research


To obtain the economic model/pricing and contracts for each of these niche internet service providers: LiFiMax, Infinet, Megapth, and Silicon Travel.

Early Findings


  • This is a product of Oledcomm.
  • The LiFiMax pack will cost $900 including the transmitter and a dongle.
  • They offer a LiFi Discovery kit that contains three lights, three routers, free access for six months, desk lamp, dongle, PoE injector, access point, tele support and training. There is no price listed. The only way to get a price from the website is to request a quote.
  • There was no mention of a contract on any of LiFiMax's pages. A press release scan also showed no mention of a contract. This makes sense considering that LiFiMax is not selling a service, but a product.


  • As previously mentioned, Infinet offers 4 packages for home use.
  • For business use, they offer shareMore plans that range from $10-$60 monthly/. After this plan is purchased, you then buy data from 1-1000 GB ranging from $5-$2,000 monthly.
  • Their terms & conditions that are published on their website may be viewed here. In this document, they state they will own the equipment at all times.
  • A complete listing of business internet pricing may be viewed here.
  • Contracted rates for Business interNET and Business interNET Extended plans are available on 1, 3, and 5-year terms starting at just $41.95/month.


  • Megapath has three business level offerings. Business Ethernet has free installation, 20x20 Mbps, and is $379 monthly. Business Class T1 has free installation, 12x12Mbps, 99.99% uptime and starts at $199 monthly. Low Cost Assymmetric Ethernet starts at $95 for 10MbPs, and $100 for 20x2 Mbps.
  • A listing of their offerings may be viewed here.
  • Basic terms and conditions may be viewed here.
  • A business may cancel their contract and go on a monthly contract at a 20% upcharge with 45 days notice.
  • A contract may be canceled by email, but the customer must pay the sum of one monthly recurring charge plus any expenses incurred by Megapath in providing the service. If the contract is canceled before the year is up, they will still be responsible for the monthly recurring charges for the duration of the contract period unless it meets a special circumstance.

Silicon Travel

  • Silicon Travel offers VOIP and WiFI for hotels and condos.
  • These packages incluie modem and router installation, no equipment leasing and free replacement, N connections, and a complimentary Vacation Attendant Concierge Site.
  • There is a $60 one time installation fee, along with a $100 set up fee for repeaters or extenders, and $85 new line installation fee.
  • There was no specific information given on contracts.