Research Outline

Boingo Market Research


To uncover 3-5 niche internet service providers who focus on the following verticals: hotels, conventional multi-family units, on-campus housing, off-campus housing, senior living, hospitals, commercial office space, and vacation rentals.

Early Findings


  • Hotel Internet Services offers high speed internet and Beyond TV services for hotels.
  • Hotels are one of the main industries of focus for DeepBlue. The company works with Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt, among others. DeepBlue is owned by Comcast.
  • Wanaport IT Solutions has four main industries they serve and one is the hospitality industry.
  • BlueprintRF is a managed solutions' provider whose sole focus is providing services for hotels. Some hotel partnerships the company has are Great Wolf Lodge, Choice Hotels, and IHG.

Conventional Multi-Family Units

  • DojoNetworks provides internet solutions for multi-tenant buildings.
  • Spartan-Net is based in Michigan and specializes in internet and TV solutions for apartments.
  • Wanaport, which is listed above in hotels, also focuses on multi-dwelling units.

On-campus housing

  • Apogee is the largest managed services provider in higher education.
  • Although details were hard to come by due to broken links, CampusConnect appears to be a player in the on-campus housing space.

Off-campus housing

  • Much of the data found on internet providers for off-campus housing came from university sites that were sharing information for students. For example, Onward State lists Comcast, Windstream, and State College Internet. A further search shows that State College Internet is focused on providing internet service to students in Pennsylvania, it is not clear if the focus is on-campus, off- campus or both.
  • Syracuse University lists Spectrum, Verizon, and Clear Wirless Internet as options for students.
  • Further research found that Clear Wireless was owned by Sprint, and was shut down in 2015.

Senior Living

  • Senior TV offers TV, internet, and phone services for senior communities.
  • CareConnect by Esco offers high speed internet for senior communities.
  • Assisted living facilities are one of the four industries that Wanaport focuses on.