Research Outline

Public Sector Procurement Software Pricing


Determine what Bonfire, a player in the public sector procurement market, charges public sector clients for the use of its solution. The end goal is to gain a better understanding of the pricing of public sector procurement software.

Early Findings

  • Bonfire does not readily provide the pricing of its solution for public procurement teams. Its website only shows that it offers interested public procurement teams a free 90-day trial.
  • Interested teams will have to contact Bonfire directly to get accurate pricing information. Bonfire's email address for sales and inquiries is
  • Software review sites such as Capterra, GetApp, G2, Predictive Analytics Research, 360 Quadrants, and SourceForge also indicate that Bonfire has not disclosed the pricing of its procurement software, Bonfire offers a free trial, and interested procurement teams will have to contact Bonfire directly to get a price quote.
  • According to G2, it is common practice for solution and service providers to give pricing information only to interested buyers that contact them directly or request for a demo.
  • However, there are a few clues about Bonfire's pricing in the public domain. The GetApp software review site, for example, indicates that Bonfire uses a subscription pricing model.
  • A customer review of Bonfire, which says "Bonfire is a life-changing product at a ridiculously small price," also suggests that Bonfire offers its procurement software at a reasonable and affordable price.
  • The pricing of Bonfire's competitors may offer insights into the monthly subscription cost of Bonfire. A deeper look into the competitors identified by software review sites, however, revealed that most competitors identified by these sites are not true competitors of Bonfire. Some companies are not even in the same industry that Bonfire operates in.

Summary of Early Findings

  • The pricing of Bonfire's public sector procurement software does not appear to be available in the public domain. Software review sites and Bonfire's website indicate that Bonfire has not disclosed this information and interested procurement teams will have to contact Bonfire directly for accurate pricing information.
  • Bonfire appears to use a monthly subscription pricing model.
  • Checking if the pricing of similar procurement solutions is publicly available appears to be the best path forward. Careful identification of Bonfire's closest competitors is necessary, however, as most competitors identified by software review sites do not appear to be true competitors of Bonfire. It is also possible that like Bonfire, these competitors have not disclosed their software pricing details.