Research Outline



To determine the cost Bonfire charges clients in the public sector procurement market.

Early Findings


  • Bonfire's goal is to reinvent the procurement process by using industry insights to enable better RFP decisions and bids in the public sector. Bonfire allows clients to leverage benchmarks, industry insights, and data analysis to make informed decisions.
  • Bonfire has over 400 customers, manages around $26 billion, and has a 97% customer satisfaction rate.
  • Industries served by Bonfire include higher education, municipal, nonprofits, K-12, transport, healthcare, public, special districts, and commercial sectors. Solutions provided by Bonfire include price-only bids, RFP evaluations, Intake, and contract management.
  • Bonfire does not charge to submit proposals on the platform, and a vendor can submit any number of proposals across the multiple portals for free.
  • Bonfire offers a 90-day free subscription on the platform. During the trial period, users get free access, unlimited bids & RFX projects, and access the large vendor network.
  • Bonfire has a premium vendors package that costs $300 per year. Bonfire premium vendors have access to over 20,000 public sector projects that include construction and manufacturing equipment, building and facility construction maintenance services, business management services, and engineering and "technology-based services."