Research Outline

Book Publishers


To identify top publishers that offer editing, printing, public relations, and distribution to all book stores for the purposes of publishing a memoir.

Early Findings


  • Epigraph offers publishing, design, editing, printing, distribution and marketing/PR.
  • Their pricing comes in different tiers. For cover design (author does internals), it costs $648. If the author designs the cover, it's $749.
  • Using the online calculator, a standard-size, paperback, 300-page, 100-copy run would cost $7.69/unit.
  • However, the cost for the remainder of the services is only available upon request. PR services prices is available here.


  • Trafford has self-publishing packages, in addition to editing, formatting, design, marketing and distribution.
  • The publishing packages range in tiers and price. They start at $699 all the way up to $10,999.
  • Unfortunately, no further information is available on royalties or other costs.