Research Outline

Publishers Best-Sellers


We will identify 3-4 best selling titles the publishers have published, with a focus on best selling memoirs.

Early Findings


  • "Journals of War: Coming of Age with the 104th Infantry During World War II" by E.J. McCully is the winner of the 2017 Book Fest Award, History: Military. The book was edited by Anne McCully Dore.
  • "Just Like That: Poems, Paintings, and Practices" by Gisela Stromeyer is the Shelf Unbound 2019 Best Indie Book Award Winner--Notable Indie. Unfortunately, neither the publisher nor the author specifically mentioned who the editor was.
  • "Conversation with Angels" by Droh Ashuah is another best-seller by Epigraph Publishing. Unfortunately, the editor of the book was not mentioned.
  • According to Epigraph, Paul Cohen is one of the main editors in the publishing company.

Trafford Publishing

  • "Laotian Highway Patrol" by James A. White, Jr. is a memoir about the Second Indochina War and the Vietnam War. It is listed as one of the best-selling books published by Trafford Publishing.
  • "Fatal Promises" is a novel by Jeanette Henderson that show the challenges that arise in the rural US South. It is one of the best-sellers that was published by Trafford.
  • "A Korean War Odyssey: Bringing Home Uncle Donnie" is another memoir written by Tom Gormerly. The book tries to uncover what happened to Corporal Donald Matney during the Korean War. According to the author, some of the people involved with editing the book included Glenn Perkins, Ted Ringer, Jerry Abendroth, Angela Drake, and Clay Bonneyman Evans. However, it was unclear if they were the editors or simply people that helped with the story.
  • Unfortunately, we were not able to find any of the editors responsible for editing those best-selling books. We also tried to find any of the editors that work at Trafford Publishing but the company did not provide any specific names.