Research Proposal

Gen X - Fear Factors in Health & Fitness


To determine the primary fear factors/excuses that causes Generation X to neglect their health and fitness.

Early Findings

  • A health and longevity survey by MDVIP reports that Generation X is “more overwhelmed, worried, and basically slacking” regarding their healthcare. Survey results show that 1 in 3 people of Generation X avoid a doctor visit out of paranoia something is wrong, and only 55 percent of Generation X (as opposed to 72 percent of Boomers) have had an annual physical in the past five years. Generation X is also known as the “sandwich generation” meaning they have little time for their own health due to professional careers and caring for their children and their own parents. 50 percent of Generation X expect they will help pay for family’s healthcare costs.
  • According to AARP, Generation X exceeds the national average of consumer debt at an approximate $125,000 per person. The study shows that while Boomers might be unsure of the future, Generation X is pessimistic about theirs.
  • In 2018 Voyage Healthcare identified the four most common health concerns of Generation X: 1) cardiovascular disease, 2) metabolic disease, 3) cancer, 4) mental health.
  • Another study noted that while Generation X is more educated and less prone to smoking addiction, obesity due to hectic lifestyle puts them at greater risk for diabetes. This material also supports evidence that obesity is increasing as generations go on, with Boomers also outweighing the Silent Generation.
  • CNN identified Generation X as more prone to severe psychological distress, therefore three-to-ten times more likely to not afford general care and medication. Stigma of psychological illness might outweigh the positive progress made with the Affordable Care Act as well as lack of mental health practitioners in the West and South US, also known as the “Suicide Belt”.
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