Research Outline

Bootcamps and Mentorships for Civil Society Organizations


To provide a list of the most popular bootcamps or mentorship programs for the employees of international civil society organizations (CSOs), nonprofit organizations, or non-government organizations (NGOs).

Early Findings

Ten Habitat's Social Enterprise Bootcamp

  • This bootcamp which was held last September 5-6, 2019 targeted those who are in nonprofit organizations or civil society organizations. Particularly, the target is people in CSOs who are interested in learning how to build more long-term sustainability, as well as people in non-profit organizations who want to learn how to better fund their programs.

Bootcamp Digital's Social Media and Marketing Training

  • The Social Media and Marketing Training of Bootcamp Digital offers training for those who work with government and non-government organizations. Bootcamp Digital's training programs are customized and focus on the organization's particular opportunities and challenges in having successful growth online.

Campaign Bootcamp's Bootcamp Residential

  • This is a week-long campaign training program which is then followed by a year of community support and further learning. This is for campaigners in grassroots organizations. This also supports the leadership of organizations that may be experiencing injustices. Bootcamp Residential offers workshops, hands-on training, discussion groups, and real-life scenarios that are designed to develop the skills needed to run powerful campaigns.

CIVICUS Mentorship Programme

  • CIVICUS which is a World Alliance for Citizen Participation has been offering a 6-month voluntary mentorship program for the members of its organization. This mentorship is geared towards supporting civil society actors so they can better share knowledge, connect, and develop networks and skills.

Summary of Findings

  • We have provided a list of bootcamps and mentorships that are targeted towards those who work in non-profit organizations, CSOs, or NGOs.
  • We have also seen that there is no available resource to determine the popularity of these bootcamps and mentorships for employees of NGOs, CSOs, or non-profits.