Research Proposal

Boutique Studios


To understand why people choose boutique studios and their attitudes towards them.

Early Findings

Our initial research indicates that the biggest draw of boutique gyms is the sense of community. The members work together toward similar goals, holding each other accountable and motivating one another. They enjoy the experience boutique gyms offer and incorporate the core values in their lifestyle. Below is an overview of our findings.
  • Because boutique gyms typically have smaller memberships, there is a sense of community that people enjoy. They can form relationships with other members and coaches. This sense of community also provides inspiration to keep going to accomplish fitness goals.
  • People are choosing boutique gyms and studios because the small class sizes allow for more individual attention and instruction from coaches. Although most boutique gyms cost more than traditional gyms, members feel they receive more value due to the specialized attention and peer accountability.
  • Coaches at boutique studios are specialists in the type of exercise they teach. Therefore, they can teach all variations and modificaitons of their specialty. This allows people at all levels of experience to participate. In addition, coaching is part of the fee charged at boutique gyms. Members are not left to figure out the best workout routine for themselves nor do they need to hire a personal trainer. Consequently, people feel they get better results at boutique gyms.
  • Most boutique gyms do not require a yearly contract. Members enjoy this benefit because it offers them flexibililty to change gyms
  • Many people are choosing boutique gyms over big box gyms because they enjoy the challenge of the boutique fitness regimen. This is especially true with millennials who are not only looking for the best workout, but also an experience.
  • Members of boutique gyms tend to believe in the brand's core values. The brand becomes a part of their lifestyle.

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