Boutique Studios: Functional Fitness/Bootcamps


To identify the demographics, psychographics, and trends of the functional fitness/bootcamp fitness space to inform new market positioning and identity for a brand.

Early Findings

We gathered background research on the functional fitness/bootcamp space, and we gained insights on demographics, psychographics, and trends. Here are some key pieces of information we found:



  • Functional fitness bootcamps are not medically recommended for those who have an inactive lifestyle.
  • Participants in functional fitness bootcamps are encouraged to have and share an intense attitude towards achieving fitness results.


  • Several health and exercise professionals agree that functional fitness training is a current fitness trend for 2019 that will continue to grow.
  • Functional fitness bootcamps like Barry's bootcamp have created a current fitness trend in 2019 of repopularizing treadmill equipment.

Proposed next steps:

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