Brand Awareness Effectiveness and Duration


To understand how long/how much effort it takes to create brand awareness and the most effective channel for brand awareness campaign in order to help answer brand awareness questions.

Early Findings

  • While we couldn't find any research or study on how long/how much effort it takes on average to create brand awareness, experts suggest that it can take between four weeks and six months depending on factors such as how big the brand is, the marketing budget, the complexity of the product, the size of the audience, the effectiveness of the creative, among others.
  • A study that examined the number of exposures that maximize a consumer response to an advert found that "maximum attitude is reached at approximately ten exposures, while recall increases linearly and does not level off before the eighth exposure."
  • The above study also found that "low involvement and spaced exposures enhance repetition effects on attitude toward the brand. Embedded advertising and massed exposures enhance the repetition effects on recall. Repetition effects decay over time for both attitude toward the brand and recall."
  • A study by Radiocentre and Ebiquity found that the most effective channel for brand campaign ranked from the most effective to the least effective are as follows: TV (with a weight of 107.1), Radio (103.2), Newspaper (87.8), Magazine (79.5), Out of Home (71.7), Direct Mail (67.0), Social Media (65.8), Cinema (61.4), Online Video (57.6), and Online Display (50.0). This suggests that mass media is more effective at building brand awareness than digital channels.
  • We also found a couple of studies on how they complement each other.
  • A study that compared the effectiveness of using Facebook, affiliate marketing, and word of mouth to build brand awareness online found that Facebook was the most effective channel for building awareness online.

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