Research Proposal

Discount Club Memberships: Case Studies


Identify one to two case studies of brand campaigns that offered discount club membership and successfully generated new members. Identify other details for each brand campaign including how it was marketed and other metrics for success.

Early Findings

Amazon Prime Membership

  • Amazon's Prime Day is a sales event dedicated to showcasing the value of being an Amazon Prime member.
  • Amazon-owned Whole Foods gave Prime members a $10 credit to spend during Prime Day in 2018.
  • In 2017, more people joined Amazon Prime on Prime Day than on any other day in the company's history to that point.
  • During Prime day, deals are offered to members for other Amazon services, like four months of unlimited music for 99 cents through Amazon.
  • Amazon has a marketing campaign that promotes pre-Prime day deals to raise awareness for the day.
  • Amazon Prime also generated new members through its expansion into one-day delivery for Prime members in 2019.

BJ's Wholesale Club

  • As Sam's Club locations closed down across the country in 2017, BJ's Wholesale Club initiated a brand campaign in 2018 to attract former Sam's Club members.
  • BJ's offered an introductory offer so that former Sam's Club members can get a 50% discount on a 12-month membership.
  • BJ's subsequently experienced 150% net income growth in the last half of 2018.


  • By using Adobe Experience Cloud to capture feedback and influence future digital experiences, AAA Northeast was able to increase new memberships by 45%.
  • Adobe helped AAA transform its digital channels to increase lead capture, personalize interactions with members, and target key customer segments with digital content.
  • Digital channels are now AAA's top sales channel.
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