Research Outline

Brand Communications Strategy: Hemp Biomass and CBD Oil


To provide the brand communications strategies of three (3) hemp biomass and/or CBD (cannabidiol) oil wholesalers/distributors. For each wholesaler and/or distributor, provide the following information: 1) What claims are they making in terms of the quality or pureness of their products? 2) What are their slogans and/or taglines? 3) Provide links to and a description of 2-3 of its social media promotional posts.

Early Findings

Three wholesale suppliers or distributors of hemp biomass or CBD oil products are Western States Hemp Co., Mother Moon Hemp Company, and CBD Capital. Each company takes a different approach to promoting purity and quality with focuses ranging from the farming process to organic ingredients to pharmaceutical-grade products.

Western States Hemp Co.

  • Western States Hemp is a wholesale hemp biomass and CBD oil distributor based in Nevada.
  • Its company tagline is "The Western Way."
  • Western States Hemp focuses on its farming process and claims to "glean life from the land, finding, farming and developing high quality hemp for CBD oil, foods and milk, seeds, textiles and building materials."
  • The company has 259 followers on Facebook and 13 subscribers on YouTube. It also has a blog.
  • Wester States Hemp posted on Facebook on September 20th to tell followers that it would be speaking at the Illinois Cannabis Summit from October 14-16, 2019. Its company representative would be talking about hemp cultivation and its potential uses.
  • It also posted a video on August 19, 2019 explaining that it selects "cultivation locations very strategically based on soil and water samples."

Moon Mother Hemp Company

  • Mother Moon Hemp Company is a wholesale CBD oil distributor based in Boulder, Colorado. Its wellness products include oils, balms, and serums.
  • Its company tagline is "Restore. Relax. Recover."
  • Mother Moon Hemp Company promises to deliver "the highest quality and purest CBD wellness products possible" and that all of its products contain "USDA certified organic hemp grown in Colorado."
  • The company has 4,061 followers on Instagram and 742 followers on Facebook. It also has a blog.
  • Mother Moon Hemp Company hosted an event celebrating its one-year anniversary in business on September 28, 2019. The promotion featured special sales, giveaways, demos, and prizes.
  • It also hosted a "Community Education Night" on September 19, 2019 in order to answer any questions consumers might have about CBD oil and its potential uses.

CBD Capital

  • CBD Capital is a wholesale hemp biomass and CBD oil supplier with offices in both Texas and the UK.
  • Its company tagline is "Improving quality living through quality cannabidioil."
  • CBD Capital promises that its products are "pharmaceutical grade and market competitive." It claims to offer consumers the "highest-grade CBD isolates, CBD oil and CBD concentrated products."
  • The company does not appear to be active on social media, but it does maintain a blog.