Brand recognition in Asia


To understand how well Black & Decker, Stanley and Dewalt brands are recognized in China, Japan and southeast Asian countries.

Early Findings


  • In 2015, Dewalt successfully stopped Chinese manufacturer Positec from using its trademark black and yellow design scheme in manufacturing copycat tools. This implies that Dewalt has decent brand recognition in China, as a manufacturer felt copycat tools would sell well.
  • Stanley Black & Decker recently announced it was moving production of its signature Craftsman tools back to the US, out of China.
  • TTI is Black & Decker's biggest competitor that operates in China. However, the company exports the vast majority of its tools, and has manufacturing facilities around the world, so it is unclear how its presence affects brand recognition inside China.


  • In Japan, Stanley Black & Decker (who also own Dewalt) compete heavily with power tool manufacturer Makita. Hitachi is also quite competitive.
  • Makita sells 18.8% of its tools within the country, implying the brand likely dominates.


  • According to Black & Decker's latest annual report, the vast majority of their tool sales come from "home centers and mass merchants in the U.S. and Europe".
  • The company's net sales were $1.23 billion across all of Asia, around 8.8% of total net sales.
  • In 2016, Bosch invested 80 million Euros into bolstering its SE Asian presence. The article doesn't specify if they felt Black & Decker was a current competitive threat.
  • There were no publicly available sources detailing the market presence of power tool brands in the Asian market.

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