Brand Transformation Case Studies


To find or create case studies around the following M&A's in order to inform a POV for best practices for acquiring a company.
  • Disney/Pixar
  • CareerBuilder/Gannett Company
  • ExxonMobil
  • DHL/Airbone Express
  • Truist (BBT/Suntrust)

Early Findings

CareerBuilder/Gannett Company

  • 2002 press release announcing Gannetts acquisition of CareerBuilder. As expected, it is very positive and upbeat about the acquisition.
  • In response to Gannett acquiring the majority share of CareerBuilder in 2008, one person responded that it seemed like a lot of money and hoped that CareerBuilder would become a viable alternative to Craigslist.
  • This majority-share acquisition did not effect the other partners (Microsoft and McClatchy Company) and they retained their percentage of shares.
  • The acquisition strategy used by Gannett is known as "endorsed fusion" where the lead company endorses the acquired company ("A Gannett Company"). This style of acquisition is considered the second most conservative approach.

AT&T/Direct TV

  • An article published in early 2019 states that merger debt has forced AT&T to raise rates and customers are leaving even faster than originally expected.
  • AT&T's Q3 and Q4 shares have tumbled. Investors were originally worried about the merger, and their fears are becoming a reality.
  • AT&T has attempted to make a lower cost streaming service called DirectTV Now. They lost 267,000 DirecTV Now subscribers last quarter [of 2018], or a whopping 14 percent of its streaming subscriber total.
  • This is DirectTV's merger announcment.

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