Branded Content Lead Generation


To find case studies of how branded educational content drives outside lead generation.

Early Findings

  • We found a case study of how a company was able to use educational blog content to generate leads.
  • The company attached a Thank You page that visitors see whenever they downloaded content from their blog. They offered a free trial (a free sample box of snacks for their office) directly on their blog’s Thank You page and people who signed up for the offer were passed to their sales team.
  • According to the company, the Thank You pages alone brought in 884 leads (only 18% of the leads were qualified in terms of living in the US where the snacks box is offered) and over 20 sales in 10 months.
  • The company noted that "the keys to converting on these Thank You pages is to create a “Message Match” between the content that was downloaded and your free trial or product." This strategy helps the company achieve between 7.5% and 11.5% conversion.

Research proposal:

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