Wishes & Random Acts of Kindness


What can you tell me about wishes, including what people are wishing for and how vocal they are in expressing wishes, what traditions exist around birthday candles, what brands are using social media to show random acts of kindness and contact audiences without being prompted?

Early Findings

  • Fun facts about birthday cakes in Britain and Australia: In Britain, birthday cakes may also be fortune-telling cakes.hese cakes have candies and small objects, including a coin, baked into the cake. It is believed that the person who finds the coin baked in their slice of cake will experience good fortune and wealth. In Australia, a birthday cake is traditionally not a cake at all, but buttered bread covered in sprinkles, called Fairy Bread.
  • People wish for different things at different stages in their lives. They also have different wishes for different areas of their lives. For example:
  • Employees have lists of things they wish their employers knew about them including their personality type and professional aspirations.
  • Teachers have a job-specific list of things they could tell parents.
  • In Britain, many people wish the Brexit saga would finally be resolved.
  • A December 2018 article in the Mirror, reveals things people in Britain wished they had done differently. It the same question was asked in December 2019, many of the answers would probably be the same as the things they wished they had done differently are pretty universal.
  • From this article, we can assume British people wished that they worried less, took more chances, spent more time with family and friends, and exercised more.
Random Acts of Kindness
  • In February 2019, Red Vines encouraged random acts of kindness in observance of Random Acts of Kindness Day. Red Vine customers were encouraged to share a random "message of kindness, an original quote or a moment of inspiration with the brand" as part of its Peace, Love, & Vines campaign. Thirty entries were chosen and the positive messages were printed on Red Vine trays and sold nationwide.

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