Sectors and Social Media


To establish how different sectors are using social media and creating content

Early Findings

Food/FMCG Sector

Domino’s Pizza

  • As a fast food market, Domino’s is constantly reinventing its mobile experience. Some of the brand’s popular innovations include tweet-to-order and DOM The Pizza Bot where customers can order through a few clicks using a chat app.
  • Most of the content put out by Domino’s seems to aim at selling, while also connecting with their audience. Through paid advertising on social media, the brand devotes most of its marketing efforts to interact with their customers through campaigns such as Pizza Legends.
  • Domino’s and social media seem to be a natural match as the brand has managed to cultivate loyalty with their audience. In addition, social media has helped this brand achieve the ideal market share, as well as the ability to segment their audience and manage advertising costs.
  • Domino connects with its digital clientele by allowing this demographic to visit Domino’s website and browse through the various pizza designs or create the ultimate design, name the design, as well as share them on social media platforms.
  • The brand is proactive in responding and communicating with their online audience. Domino’s brand is not averse to odd PR stunt.


Toyota Motor Corporation

  • Toyota uses various social media platforms to connect with its audience. However, the brand seems to invest 62% of its digital ads on Facebook, which is a top social media platform when it comes to automotive advertising,
  • Toyota uses social media platforms to also avert from crisis, such as the recall crisis. Through social media, the automotive brand firms its relationship with its audience and the efforts have continued to pay off.
  • Currently, the automotive brand has a full-time presence on main online platforms such as Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, among others. Through these platforms, the brand’s focus is channeled towards socializing with customers, responding to queries and handling feedback, as well as gathering thoughts and expectations of their clientele on various products.
  • Toyota also uses its social media platforms to encourage potential clientele to try Toyota and look out for any upcoming products from the brand.

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