Shoppable Media Case Studies


The goal is to find case studies of brands that have successfully used shoppable media and show how they are doing it.

Early Findings

  • Approximately 66% of brands have adopted social commerce, or shoppable media features for their products.
  • Kate Spade uses shoppable videos on their social media accounts. Users can add items to a "cart" by clicking on them during the videos, and their cart with saved items from the video will pop up at the end, leading users to complete the purchase on the Kate Spade website if they desire.
  • Ted Baker also uses shoppable videos that have "hotspots" on pieces of clothing in the video that show users more information and how to purchase that item.
  • One Kings Lane, a home furnishings store, uses simple photos with tagged links to pieces in the photo that lead shoppers to purchase that specific item.
  • Wayfair uses Instagram shopping, which allows users to click on certain Instagram posts and be taken to the Wayfair site to purchase those items.
  • Nike used a Facebook Messenger promotion to sell a featured shoe and sold out of the shoe within an hour. They had a previous similar promotion on Snapchat for Air Jordans, which sold out in 23 minutes.
  • Macy's uses tagged photos on their social media pages that link customers to purchase certain products on their website.

Proposed next steps:

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