Research Outline

Brazil International Travel Behaviors - 20-35 year olds


The international travel behaviour of 20-35 year olds in Brazil, specifically, their travel related social media behaviour, where they go for travel inspiration, how they decide where to go, the influence of social media on their travel behaviour, and their internal motivations behind travel.

Early Findings

  • Around 36.3% of 20 to 26 year olds in Brazil say that their travel plans are influenced by family/friends while 28.7% are influenced by a "cost benefit."
  • Only 2.76% of gen zers in Brazil prefer traveling with their peers.
  • Whle traveling, 51% of gen zers in Brazil prefer staying in hotels.
  • Up to 29.3% of gen zers in Brazil typically have a predefined itinerary before traveling.
  • About 26.7% of gen zers in this country like interacting with locals in whatever places they travel to.
  • In terms of accommodation, gen zers in Brazil are most disturbed by inadequate cleaning, lack of adequate TV channels, and trouble connecting to the Internet.
  • In a study of some gen zers in Brazil, "45% of the respondents mentioned that a coastal Brazilian State would be their next destination, while 29.1% said that they would travel to other countries. "
  • The most important factors that gen zers in Brazil take into consideration while traveling include security (76%), location (65%), and price (62%).
  • Up to 74% of millennials in Brazil "agree that they want to experience the authentic culture of a place they visit."
  • About 60% of Brazil's population use YouTube while 59% have Facebook, 56% have WhatsApp, and 40% use Instagram.
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