Product Launch Media Strategy


Identify best practices for media strategy for product launches. Find case studies of successful product launch media strategies from CPG companies.

Early Findings

Forbes collected advice on product launch media strategy from industry experts. Their best practices include:
  • Quality over quantity: media should be highly targeted. "It is better to find one reporter who can do a terrific job sharing your message than to blast your message to hundreds who have no interest at all. Don't spam your news; match it to the right audience."
  • Don't forget the importance of word-of-mouth and customer endorsements. "Getting their buy-in (via beta programs, for example) and their formalized or grassroots endorsement can be a game changer in the adoption and perception of your product."
  • Use a "rolling launch" strategy. Feed pre-announcements to the press and through social media to generate buzz, and keep the momentum going during the launch and in the post-launch period, and "continue to sprinkle the message throughout marketing communications efforts. Including blog posts by influencers, customers and partners can help add fanfare."
  • Have an omnichannel strategy. Reach customers wherever they are by using all available channels for the launch. Make it easy for customers to learn about the product, and make sure customer support is also available on all channels.
  • Take advantage of influencer marketing. "If you’re looking for inexhaustible PR material and social media hype, influencers are the ticket. Just specify your target audience, request reviews and watch your product launch itself."

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