To provide an overview of Brightidea, including its financial structure, executives, and notable M&A activities.

Early Findings

Brightidea - Overview

  • Founded in 1999 by Matthew Greeley and Vincent Carbone, Brightidea provides "on-demand innovation management software and a SaaS platform that supports collaboration and crowdsourced feedback."
  • The Britghtidea Innovation Cloud offers four products: Programs, Labs, Ecosystem, and Transformation.
  • As a "a leading provider of Collaborative Innovation solutions for corporate innovation teams," Brightidea helps companies with their Innovation Journey, providing tools for crowdsourcing, employee engagement and collaboration, evaluation workflow, feedback management, innovation labs, trend tracking, among other features.
  • With offices in New York City and San Francisco, some of Brightidea's clients include Accenture, Bayer, GE, GM, and MasterCard.
  • Based on the "Global Innovation Management Industry (2020 to 2027)," Brightidea's competitors include Crowdicity, Exago, Hype Innovation, IdeaScale, Imaginatik, Inno360, Innosabi, Planbox, Qmarkets, SAP SE, and Spigit.

Matthew Greeley

  • Greenley is the Founder and CEO. Prior to Brightidea, he consulted for ", helping them to raise capital at a $100 million valuation from investors including: Polaris Ventures, Goldman Sachs, and CBS Corporation."
  • He began his career at FMK Advisors, working marketing and fund raising roles.
  • Greenley holds a "Degree in Computer Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and studied Creativity and Marketing at Stanford University."
  • He is a Democrat who is quite active on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • His last post on the company's blog was "Brightidea's response to the COVID-19 health crisis."
  • In this interview for PwC, he explains how Brightidea stands out from other competitors, saying, "Where we differentiate is that we have a very social platform, so our product is Facebook-like. We believe innovation is a social activity, and until software became social, it was impossible to really try and automate the innovation process."
  • Video of Greeley's 2018 Keynote Presentation is available here.

Vincent Carbone

  • Vincent Carbone is the Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Brightidea.
  • According to his Crunchbase profile, he brings "strong business and technological leadership to the organization, he is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the company as well as contributing to its strategic growth. In addition, Vincent oversees the implementation and overall success of the company's largest customers and projects."
  • Carbone holds an MBA in International Business from Clemson University's CIMBA program.
  • Prior to Brightidea, Carbone was an "account manager at McCaffery, Ratner, Gottlieb and Lane where he successfully managed projects for the Warner-Lambert family of companies and Olympus of America."
  • He is active on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Executive Team


  • There is limited information available surrounding Brightidea's financial structure or executive team. The company does not provide information regarding the leadership team on its website, and third-party resources only provide superficial insights. Interviews with the founders are typically from 2009-2013 and may no longer reflect their current standing.
  • As a privately held company, Brightside does not disclose financial statements or many details surrounding its financial structure, apart from the previously provided third-party estimate.
  • After careful examination of the company's website and press search, including outlets such as PR News Wire and Business Wire, we were unable to locate any M&A activities or announcements.
  • Given the scarcity of publicly available information, we recommend focusing on Brightidea's Cloud platform and products. Please select one or more of the options provided in the proposed scoping section below.

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