Research Outline

Land in Atyrau, Kazakhstan


To provide price ranges of commercial and industrial land for sale and rent in Atyrau, Kazakhstan?

Early Findings

Property Price Estimates in Almaty, Kazakhstan

  • From a NAI Global 2010 report, the rent per square metre per month in Almaty, Kazakhstan in the industrial space was:
    • Bulk warehouse: KZT755 (low), KZT1,510 (high)
    • Manufacturing: KZT1,057 (low), KZT1,963 (high)
    • High tech/R&D: KZT1057 (low), KZT1,963 (high)
    • Rent for development land in industrial parks per square metre per month was: 90,600; 226,500
  • The average cost of 100 square meters of land in Almaty intended for business development was $5,698 in 2012
  • The average cost of 100 square meters of land in Almaty intended for the construction of industrial buildings was $2,420 in 2012.

Insights on Property in Atyrau, Kazakhstan

  • Atyrau, Kazakhstan’s “oil capital,” is resource rich but generally regarded as unattractive for permanent living due "to harsh climate, population density is low, living costs are high because of its remoteness, and environmental amenities are scarce."
  • As land is plentiful, both land rents and housing costs are low, and the elastic land supply deters price appreciation.
  • Resource-rich Atyrau has experienced lower growth rates in housing prices than the rest of the regions, and South Kazakhstan was the region with the most persistent appreciation rates.

Summary of Findings

In this preliminary hour of research, we were unable to find price estimates for industrial and commercial land in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Although we found some information on monthly rents for property and land in Almaty, we were not able to make estimates on prices in Atyrau because research shows that prices rates in these 2 cities do not necessarily move in the same way.