Potential Broadcat Partnerships


To identfy 3-4 additional US companies similar to True Office Learning that would be a good fit for a partnership with Broadcat. For each, we will provide an overview of their product offerings, their competitive advantage, and how they can benefit Broadcat if the two companies partner.

Early Findings

Our research on potential Broadcat partnerships revealed insights. Here are key pieces of information we found:

Potential Broadcat Partnerships:


  • Itegriti is "a cybersecurity and compliance advisory firm with deep experience in cybersecurity and compliance."
  • Their product offerings in the area of cybersecurity education and analytics include: Risk assessments, Gap analysis using recognized frameworks: NIST, ISO27k, COBIT, and others, Cyber vulnerability & security assessments, Strategic planning, Program design and implementation, Internal audit programs, Penetration testing, and Walk downs, asset inventory.
  • Their product offerings in the area of compliance education and analytics include: Compliance program design, update, evaluation, and implementation: NERC, NERC CIP, HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, and others, Cyber vulnerability assessments & security audits, Impact analysis and planning, Internal control & audit program implementation, Independent internal control evaluation & testing, Gap analysis and mock audits, Organizational change management, Root causal analysis, and SME audit preparation.
  • Their product offerings in the area of managed services education and analytics include: Risk assessments, Gap analysis, Strategic planning, Mitigation planning and implementation, Management of project teams, Develop and update program documentation, Internal controls design, Implementation and testing, Cyber vulnerability testing, Training, education, and awareness development and administration, Conference attendance and regulatory research, and Program reporting for internal, regulatory and audit needs.
  • Itegriti has the competitive advantages of: having over 15 years of experience; managing over 200 projects in cybersecurity, compliance, and audit planning; managing large, complex projects throughout the US and Canada; having knowledge of multiple frameworks and methodologies; and having certified cybersecurity and compliance professionals.
  • Itegriti could benefit Broadcat by offering their professional expertise and knowledge. Integriti is also geographically close by, with their corporate office in Houston, Texas.

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